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had lived in the same city, yet never met. Each believed the other to be dead; each had mourned for the other. No subtle instinct led either to doubt the truth of

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the sad reports which, for base ends, Mr. Kenyon had caused to be circulated. But for her unhappy domestic troubles, Mrs. Conrad (for she had assumed the name of her first husband) was happily


situated. Mrs. Graham was bound to her by the devoted care which she had taken of the little Florette. Indeed, the bereaved woman had come to love the little girl almost as if she were her own, and had voluntarily assumed the constant


care of her, though regarded as a guest in the house. Mr. Graham was very wealthy, and his house, situated on the Boulevard, was as attractive as elegance and taste, unhampered by a regard for expense, c

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ould make it. A spacious, well-appointed chamber was assigned to Mrs. Conrad, and she lived in

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a style superior to which she had been accustomed. Surely it was a fortunate haven into which her storm-tossed


The red-headed man laughed. "I am Pierce, the detective," he said. "We have long wanted to get hold of you, and I have succeeded at last, thanks to the diamond pin. By the way, the diamond is false—a capital imitation, but not worth over ten dollars. You

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rtification. "You can rely upon it." "I'll buy it of you. I'll give yo

bark had drifted. If happiness could be secured by comfort or luxury, then she would have been happy. But neither comfort nor luxury can satisfy the heart, and it was the heart which, in

u twenty dollars for it." "


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